Saint Paul's Restoration Committee

Mission Statement

The Restoration & Development Committee will work to secure funds for the restoration and development of Saint Paul’s Church Royton, whilst ensuring all our work is done through the CELEBRATION of our FAITH, in love and FELLOWSHIP.

How This is Achieved

The Restoration Committee is a small informal group, which meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Our aim and primary function is to co-ordinate and organise social fund raising events that will profit the Restoration & Development Fund. The events focus on enhancing our Christian family life by providing opportunities where we are able to join together as a family for socialisation and recreation in addition to our devotions and spiritual worship.  All our events are hosted in our Parish Centre, which is in close proximity to the church.  Whilst our events continue to be greatly appreciated by our regular church members, they have also been a valuable source of outreach to other individuals in our community.

The Restoration Committee has a renowned track record for enthusing and supporting the regular congregation to use their talents and work together to benefit the restoration work on their church.

Not all our work is about fund raising!  Annually we host a Christmas party for senior members (70 years and over) of our church and community.  This is non-profit making.

...I will show you my faith by what I can do… James, Chapter 2 v 18